About Alchemy Photography

Telling great food stories in Woking, Surrey

About me

Based in southeast England I live with my partner and two Maine Coon cats who rule the roost! I have worked in the arts for many years and have a strong interest in still life which I am sure has influenced the development of my food photography. I love to learn and experiment. I am fascinated by storytelling and the importance of stories in our lives. Something I have studied over the years and try to bring out in my work.

About my photography

Photography seems to have been part of my life in different ways for many years. Somewhere, buried in the far corner of the loft, I still have a black and white enlarger and some chemical trays I have never quite been able to bring myself to throw away.

It took me some time to move from my beloved Nikon SLR to a DSLR and it is perhaps no surprise that I haven’t looked back. That said I am a big believer in not having to have lots of equipment to take great photos, I often use my phone because it is convenient and the quality is very good. Much of my food photography is also done on my kitchen table!

I have a preference for working with natural light, initially I thought this was because I was put off by the paraphernalia of lights and diffusers and metering, but I think it is more to do with the beauty that natural light often imparts to food. We are used to seeing our food naturally lit.

Why food photography

I hope you will see from my albums a passion and interest in food; I enjoy its shapes, structure, colours and form. Food is such an important part of our lives and I am fascinated by the way it crosses over between our individual and our social worlds. It encompasses cultural, social and political concerns; it is an aesthetic experience as well as being crucial for our health and well-being. These are all things I will be exploring in my blogs and projects.

I love the way my photography encourages me to look again, to look afresh and to see the things that are often hidden in plain sight – like the beauty of a Savoy Cabbage!

My photography has been featured on Greatbritishchefs.com, in Prima Magazine, and on deborahdurrant.com, deliciouslyraw.co.uk and livingdeliciouslyraw.com