Overhead shot of a peach cake with blueberries and freesias on the table

Feel good cake


This Sunday was a bit of a chill out day, but I have to confess I still love to pick up the camera. Although I prefer to work with food prepared by other people I am quite happy to do a bit of baking, often focused on using up the ingredients I have bought for other shoots during the week to make sure they are not wasted.

We had several flat peaches that were very ripe and going a little soft which I knew meant they would probably get left in the bowl. We prefer them crisp and a little sharp. I did a quick online search and found a great recipe from Julia’s Album.

I tweaked it a little using less sugar and coconut yoghurt, and voila, the perfect solution for using up those peaches. They caramelised beautifully, almost dehydrating as the cake cooked leaving them with a delicious flavour. No danger of this being wasted!